Assa Marra (Day) - Bespoke Fabric
Assa Marra (Day) - Bespoke Fabric

Assa Marra (Day) - Bespoke Fabric

Lakes and Fells
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Although it may not appear obvious at first sight, this is one of our original Cumbrian inspired designs.

On second glance you may start to make out a few of the landmarks (from aerial perspective) of the Cumbrian scenery including the lakes and waterways of the Lake District. The textural background stems from the varied seasonal colours of the trees and vegetation of the area. Bracken in autumn being one of my absolute favourites!

Assa Marra used by Cumbrians to refer to the Cumbrian dialect, although we could possibly be referred to as an 'Offcomer' (a non-native Cumbrian).

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Ordering: 1 Quantity = 1 metre | 2 Quantity = 2 metre etc

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